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It is believed, however, that a version was distributed to BBN and at least one use of the backdoor was recorded. The virus introduced its own code to the compilation of new Delphi programs, allowing it to infect and propagate to many systems, without the knowledge of the software programmer. An attack that propagates by building its own Trojan horse can be especially hard to discover.

It is believed that the Induc-A virus had been propagating for at least a year before it was discovered. Once a system has been compromised with a backdoor or Trojan horse, such as the Trusting Trust compiler, it is very hard for the "rightful" user to regain control of the system — typically one should rebuild a clean system and transfer data but not executables over. However, several practical weaknesses in the Trusting Trust scheme have been suggested.

For example, a sufficiently motivated user could painstakingly review the machine code of the untrusted compiler before using it. As mentioned above, there are ways to hide the Trojan horse, such as subverting the disassembler; but there are ways to counter that defense, too, such as writing your own disassembler from scratch.

The method requires a different compiler and the source code of the compiler-under-test. That source, compiled with both compilers, results in two different stage-1 compilers, which however should have the same behavior. Thus the same source compiled with both stage-1 compilers must then result in two identical stage-2 compilers.

A formal proof is given that the latter comparison guarantees that the purported source code and executable of the compiler-under-test correspond, under some assumptions. This method was applied by its author to verify that the C compiler of the GCC suite v. In practice such verifications are not done by end users, except in extreme circumstances of intrusion detection and analysis, due to the rarity of such sophisticated attacks, and because programs are typically distributed in binary form.

Removing backdoors including compiler backdoors is typically done by simply rebuilding a clean system. However, the sophisticated verifications are of interest to operating system vendors, to ensure that they are not distributing a compromised system, and in high-security settings, where such attacks are a realistic concern. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This section possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Retrieved 15 May How-To Geek. Retrieved July 13, Retrieved Retrieved 5 April International Business Times UK. Retrieved 1 July GNU Operating System.

Ars Technica. Information Security Technical Report. The cloud's backdoor is your datacenter". Petersen, R.

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Communications of the ACM. Bibcode : CACM Retrieved 5 April — via The Globe and Mail. The New York Times. Sucuri Blog. Retrieved 3 March Retrieved 13 March However, that policy didn't last. Do other ebook readers have back doors in their nonfree software? We don't know, and we have no way to find out.

There is no reason to assume that they don't. The iPhone has a back door for remote wipe. It's not always enabled, but users are led into enabling it without understanding. A very popular app found in the Google Play store contained a module that was designed to secretly install malware on the user's computer. The app developers regularly used it to make the computer download and execute any code they wanted.

This is a concrete example of what users are exposed to when they run nonfree apps. They can never be completely sure that a nonfree app is safe. Apple appears to say that there is a back door in MacOS for automatically updating some all? The specific change described in the article was not malicious—it protected users from surveillance by third parties—but that is a separate question.

Corel Paintshop Pro has a back door that can make it cease to function. The article is full of confusions, errors and biases that we have an obligation to expose, given that we are making a link to them. The kids can't do harm to the boundary line, not even with a jackhammer, because it is an abstraction and can't be affected by physical action.

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We link to the article for the facts it presents. It is too bad that the article finishes by advocating the moral weakness of surrendering to Netflix. The Netflix app is malware too.

In addition to its universal back door , Windows 8 has a back door for remotely deleting apps. You might well decide to let a security service that you trust remotely deactivate programs that it considers malicious. But there is no excuse for deleting the programs, and you should have the right to decide whom if anyone to trust in this way. In Android, Google has a back door to remotely delete apps.


It was in a program called GTalkService, which seems since then to have been merged into Google Play. Google can also forcibly and remotely install apps through GTalkService. This is not equivalent to a universal back door, but permits various dirty tricks. Although Google's exercise of this power has not been malicious so far, the point is that nobody should have such power, which could also be used maliciously. You might well decide to let a security service remotely deactivate programs that it considers malicious.

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But there is no excuse for allowing it to delete the programs, and you should have the right to decide who if anyone to trust in this way. Jobs said it's OK for Apple to have this power because of course we can trust Apple. ChromeBooks are programmed for obsolescence: ChromeOS has a universal back door that is used for updates and ceases to operate at a predefined date.

From then on, there appears to be no support whatsoever for the computer.


In other words, when you stop getting screwed by the back door, you start getting screwed by the obsolescence. The FordPass Connect feature of some Ford vehicles has near-complete access to the internal car network. Huawei 5G backdoor entry unproven. US extends license for businesses to work with Huawei by 90 days.

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