Backcountry Tales: a six-pack

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An optional hike is available today to a shimmering glacial fed lake at the end of the valley, where you can enjoy views of the valley below. This lodge is a lovely place to find some quiet time, far away from the pinging of notifications and the pressure of your endless to-do list. You may even take some time to groom your horse, who has no doubt become your best friend by this point. Your guide will lead you through the backcountry on a scenic and exciting trail, criss-crossing the valley in the historic footsteps of the early pioneers and stopping for lunch along the way.

Pamper yourself after your ride with a warm shower and a glass of wine, then enjoy another delicious meal prepared by your professional chef lodge host.

Hop in the saddle and explore the deep, wild forests of Banff.

Day 6 Return to Warner Stables. Wake up in your comfortable bed one last time, gather around for a delicious breakfast and wave goodbye as you begin the journey back to Banff. Your guide will lead you through the backcountry along winding river trails and through the thick pine forests, with the jagged peaks of the Rockies always standing proudly on the horizon. Sundance Lodge is a rustic room log cabin that was built in Set against the looming Sundance Mountain Range and surrounded by thick woods, Sundance Lodge feels remote and secluded despite being just 16 kilometres 10 miles from town.

The lodge is powered by solar and heated by burning wood and there are indoor washrooms and heated showers onsite. Set at the base of Allenby Pass, Halfway Lodge is a rustic cabin with propane lanterns, candles, and a woodstove to heat the cozy kitchen, dining and living areas. There are two shared outhouses and an outdoor shower onsite please note that there are no indoor washroom facilities.

Prices are based on two guests per room, but the rooms have a variety of configurations. A single room supplement is available for an additional fee. Can I bring a backpack on the ride? Daypacks, backpacks or other bags are not allowed, but your rain gear will travel with you on the horse and your guide will help you attach it to the saddle. If you would like to bring saddlebags please fill them with only those essential items that you would need during the day. Fanny packs a small pack that ties around the waist also work well. We have a limited supply of saddlebags available free of charge which are available for pick up upon check-in sorry, no earlier.

What is the cancellation policy? In case of unforeseen circumstances we strongly recommend that all guests purchase travel, health, and cancellation insurance prior to their trip. Should I tip my guide? Gratuities are customary and very much appreciated. Home Tours Halfway Lodge — 5 Nights. Lodge Vacations Pack Trips Summer The ultimate backcountry trip, few folks ever get to experience a place like this.

Day 1. Backcountry ride to Sundance Lodge The adventure starts by meeting at am at Warner Stables, where you can park your vehicle for free for the duration of the trip. Day 2. Ride time: Approx hours including lunch Ride distance: Approx 9 miles. It also ensures that if something does go wrong others are around to help. To recognise your own limits and those of others in the group, answer the following questions:.

Be prepared, know your limits and make smart decisions. Backcountry mountain biking is about enjoying the ride and loving the scenery. Keep everyone in sight if possible. It may help to have the slower members towards the front to set the pace, and the most experienced person at the back to ensure no one is left behind on their own. Ask yourself, is anything changing? Are people starting to get cold, wet or overheated as the weather changes?

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That way you can take early action if you need to, like turning back, picking a different route or finding shelter. Remember, if the circumstances change you can always alter your plans by turning back, picking a different route or by finding shelter.

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There is a big difference between riding in a mountain bike park or local trail and back country riding. The biggest difference is obviously the distance and potential isolation from help.

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This means that each rider must bring sufficient supplies as well as tools and equipment to survive any emergency. Phil Rossiter Chairman of Mokihinui-Lyell Backcountry Trust Preparing for a ride in the backcountry can be as rewarding as the ride itself. No matter how experienced you are, things can, and do, go wrong. Think carefully about what could go wrong and ensure you have an effective recovery plan in place.

Coordinate with members in your group so you can share repair tools and avoid carrying unnecessary weight.


For remote backcountry rides, always carry a form of emergency communication. The range of bike-bags available in New Zealand has increased dramatically and making use of these excellent products can be a game-changer. Finally, practice riding with your set up and get used to how your bike handles when loaded differently.

If using handlebar bags, check your sight line to ensure you maintain control of your front wheel placement. Mountain bikers are more likely to experience soft tissue injuries, grazes, cuts and fractures, so pack a couple of things to treat these such as:. Know how long they will last. Mobile phones can have limited coverage in most outdoor locations. Bring spare straps for them as well. There are more than enough opportunities for damage on a long trip, don't start out with problems!

You will also need to know how to change a tyre and patch a tube, as well as other field repairs you may need to do. There are plenty of people who are more than happy to teach you how. Start by asking at your local bike shop. Always take wind and rain protection. The weather at the start of your ride might have changed completely by the halfway point. Make sure you take wind and rain protection and extra layers you can put on if it gets cold.

Banff Horseback Pack Trip - 5 Nights

Wear good bike shorts. Good bike shorts make a big difference to your level of enjoyment.

The short answer? It all depends on what kind of skiing you want to do.

Highly recommended, verging on essential. Wear the right fabrics. Clothing retains the heat your body produces, to varying degrees.

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Certain fabrics such as polyester, polypropylene and merino wool wick moisture away from the body and retain warmth. Avoid cotton clothing. Wet cotton clothing dramatically increases cooling and can significantly increase your chances of hypothermia. Keep your core warm. There are parts of you that are more important to keep warm.

Focus on your chest, head, feet and hands. Always have a hat, thermal top, gloves and warm socks on your body or in your pack, even on a fine day. Wear and pack layers. Check your cleats. This wonder fill see what I did there? The garments are windproof, pack up small and are like being wrapped up in a duvet. My other must-haves are a good set of waterproofs, top and bottoms.

Banff Horseback Pack Trip - 5 Nights

Super light is not super durable and in New Zealand durability is key. Planning good nutrition and fuelling for your adventure is very important. Running out of food and energy can lead to simple mistakes being made that might have bigger consequences. Take at least 2 litres of water with you. Consider where you can refill and add electrolytes for longer rides. Dehydrated food is a great start, along with a compact pot, cooker and gas canister package. Staying hydrated will keep you thinking clearly and your body functioning properly, something all too many people fail to keep on top of when riding!

A bike gives you an alternative at the lowest point of your packing set-up. You want to remove as much weight as possible from your back and shift this to your bike. Packing can be challenging, especially for an overnight trip. There are various different options for carrying gear on your bike, head to your local bike shop and chat to the experts for more details on. Have a great Ride, but make it home This resource is intended to help people gain enjoyment and be challenged safely in the outdoors.

However, individuals must take responsibility for their own safety to ensure safe participation in the outdoors.

Backcountry Tales: a six-pack Backcountry Tales: a six-pack
Backcountry Tales: a six-pack Backcountry Tales: a six-pack
Backcountry Tales: a six-pack Backcountry Tales: a six-pack
Backcountry Tales: a six-pack Backcountry Tales: a six-pack
Backcountry Tales: a six-pack Backcountry Tales: a six-pack

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