Beneath The Texas Sky

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Rebecca loves to hear from readers. If you wish to e-mail her, please visit her website at: www.

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Beneath a Texas Sky. Rebecca Winters. As true as the stars above? Dana Turner is an astronomer; she's also an ex-convict. Deliberately framed for a murder she didn't commit,she spent seven months in prison. On her release, shecame to Texas to work at an isolated little observatory in theDavis Mountains. She has no interest in people-only in stars. That changes when she meets Jace Riley. Kensington told me they had a problem with the name. In my first book came out pretty much unnoticed by anyone not related to me.

It won and went on to national. My career rolled along with a book every year until number 16 hit the New York Times list. Years later it got a face lift with cover number three. I laugh and say anyone has to look hard to see my name on the first cover. I still love historical romance. Like flipping channels between your two favorite programs. Speaking of TV. When you are in a western mood, what do you watch? What movies spark your imagination and put you to dreaming back in the past?

Interesting story of how you were discovered. I always look forward to when you come. I hope you never run out of books to tell us about, whether new ones or re-releases.

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Hurrah for that! I have already been the recipent of your book, but I will say that one of my all time fav movies is McLintock. I can watch this movie over and quote nearly every line. We love having you at the Junction, Jodi. So glad to have you here today. Hi Jodi, I love your books! I am also a big fan of watching westerns on tv.

I just finished watching Cowboy Up on one of the movies chanels. The western romance is my favorite type of book to read but I read a little of everything. I think dad rub off on me. When in the mood to watch a western, a John Wayne movie always is a good choice. It is a very good movie, but not like the original classic. Sorry, Kirsten!!! I love historicals… they got me hooked on reading!

Beneath The Texas Sky

Enjoyed reading your comments. I have been a fan of yours for awhile so I probably read your first book. Another good western writer is Ralph Compton. I especially like The Searchers. Living here in Arizona, I have traveled thru that country alot. The scenery is awe-inspiring when seen up close.

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For current Westerns I always watch Silverado when it comes on tv. Enjoyed your comments today. I really enjoyed reading and watching Lonesome Dove for one. I always read Zane Grey loved his books. I have read all of your books and loved everyone of them. I have already bought Give me a Texas Outlaw so keep me out of the drawing.

Jodi, thanks for visiting Wildflower Junction. We alway enjoy hearing about your new goings-ons. Love it! Loved James Garner particularly, but Jack Kelley was wonderful. Hugs, Phyliss. Jodi, It is always a joy to see you on here.

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I love all the covers of your books. My favorite western is Tombstone and Bonanza.

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The covers of your Texan series is always nice. The other day I spent hours watching one Rifleman after the other. Having fun playing with a very unusual sub-plot. It is original and fun—and hard to write just right.

Beneath The Texas Sky Beneath The Texas Sky
Beneath The Texas Sky Beneath The Texas Sky
Beneath The Texas Sky Beneath The Texas Sky
Beneath The Texas Sky Beneath The Texas Sky
Beneath The Texas Sky Beneath The Texas Sky
Beneath The Texas Sky Beneath The Texas Sky
Beneath The Texas Sky Beneath The Texas Sky

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