Could Fixing Americas Problems Be This Simple?

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5 Surprisingly Solvable Problems America Can't Figure Out |

Especially when paired with multimember districts larger congressional districts that have more than one representative instead of our current one-district, one-representative setup , ranked-choice voting could have a transformative power in reshaping our party system into something more sustainable and less destructive. This often happens when independent and third-party candidates take votes away from major-party candidates, playing the role of spoiler.

But under ranked-choice voting, there are no spoilers.

If one candidate gets a majority of the first-place votes, he or she wins, as in the traditional system. But if not, as is often the case when there are more than two competitors, the candidate who comes in last is eliminated. Those who voted for that person then have their votes counted for their second-choice candidate. This encourages more candidates to run, expanding the field of voices, because minor party candidates are no longer dismissed as spoilers.

It also changes the incentives of campaigning.

In a whoever-gets-the-most-votes-wins election, it makes strategic sense to appeal to a limited but passionate base, so they turn out in large numbers, and go negative against your strongest opponents, so others shun them. But in a ranked-choice voting election, the strategic calculus changes. Thus, in cities where ranked-choice voting has been adopted, candidates devote less time to attacking each other , and voters say they are happier with more civil and more positive campaigning.

This voting process also changes who runs and wins. Female and minority candidates, and especially female-minority candidates, tend to run and win more.

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Female candidates in particular tend to benefit from the less-negative style of campaigning that emerges under the new voting method because they tend toward a more cooperative style of campaigning. In the first half of the 20th century, 24 U. New York adopted it in , only to repeal it in when leadership of both parties saw it as a threat. Today, as then, it gives voters more choices, and has the potential to break the two-party dominance of American democracy.

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It also has a long history around the world. Australia has used forms of ranked-choice voting for over years. Thank God for you! America has been struggling with the problem of urban poverty, blight, decay, crime, racial tensions, and social break down for at least a hundred years, desperately looking for some answer. And, thank God for you, The Economist, you have given us the answer!

That is the answer! Thank God for you, The Economist. Let's do these things straight away, posthaste. We should make the streets safer and we should better nurture minds. It all seems so simple now that you have pointed it out for us. How could we have missed it for so long? Thank God for you.

All that we have to do is spend more money and the situation will resolve. Poverty will be gone, crime will end, life-long degenerates will embrace productive life styles, culture will change, fathers will return to their women and children, and the ills of the American inner-city will vanish. All we have to do is spend more money on criminal rehabilitation, GPS ankle bracelets, substantial and sweeping drug reform and regulation, prenatal healthcare, nurseries, pre-kindergartens, kindergartens, better schools, after school programs, community groups, and other similar programs that will make the streets safer and nurture minds.

We are especially thankful for your personal guarantee, The Economist, that if we simply invest money - nay, pour money - into these schemes that the problems of urban blight, decay, poverty, crime, racial divisions, and cultural breakdown will certainly and quickly reverse.

Fixing America is Simple, But Not Easy

Thank God for you, your brilliant solutions, and your guarantee that these ideas as opposed to, say, the ideas of the New Deal and the Great Society will without a doubt fix these deeply-rooted, long-term, intrinsic problems in our inner cities. To nip a lot of the endless poverty-cycle in the bud, require all women on welfare use LARCs long-acting reversible contraceptives, like IUDs or shoulder implants in exchange for the welfare payments. If some women don't want the LARCs because of religious or other objections, they are free to seek charity from their church or other private sources.

When recipients get off welfare, they can have more children. But having additional offspring when already on public charity is immoral and abusive of the taxpayer. Require men on welfare to also use LARCs as soon as scientists invent the technology. You have to want to work hard and succeed. I went to school with Asians that came from places with no electricity that needed to collect firewood to cook their food but when they came to the US their kids hit the books and those that didn't worked hard in sewing factories, killing floors, and nail salons.

Hope for Fixing the Heart of America's Voting Problems

I even know one who was shot in the head during a hold up in a black neighborhood, he put his life on the line as a cashier, working to save some money and move up. He nearly lost his life to someone who wanted easy money and a quick payoff. With some real examples and not generalizations like "structural racism", "white privilege" etc. Like for example how white oppression makes a young black man produce kids with different women, when he doesn't have a job?

Like for example how white oppression forces a young black man to join a gang, commit armed robbery and murder other young black men? President Obama calling the rioters "criminals and thugs" is the best medicine for the failed families. Successful black men need to confront the failed black male behavior with an unambiguous moral judgement. Never underestimate the power of personal dissatisfaction.

If an ambition can be fostered in young black people to better themselves, great things can be accomplished. How can a population built around poorly-educated single-parent families produce those conditions? The obvious question begged by the above is "How do we create stable communities. I have contended the issue is not race but sex. Young black males are badly socialized by being raised by defeated and poorly educated single black women.

Those women get government assistance. The young males get not one penny of public assistance. Some of us, and I am one, have watched the black population go nowhere fast. It has been fifty years since the epochal Watts riots and things are not one bit better today. I expect nothing positive will happen during the next half-century with the poor black population.

More riots, more black incarceration of young males, the same street violence and drug use, the same horrendous school drop-out rates and subterranean test scores.

How to prevent riots

Here is the one hope. It consists of a hypothetical black male who announces he is done with the 'bros and cuts ties with the 'hood. He finishes school, moves away from the gawdawful mess, marries a woman about his own age and then, when they are ready, the two have children. He no longer feels a phony "black" solidarity: he wants to take care of Mom and the kids. This young couple's cause is not Black People, Black Power, blacklivesmatter or any other "cause. If enough young men do this then their communities will shake the feminization curse, the streets will be safe and minds will be nurtured.

5 Surprisingly Solvable Problems America Can't Figure Out |

It is hard to learn in a school where doing your homework gets you ostracised,. As long as "trying to be white" is an insult used by blacks against other blacks, there likely will be little progress in black schools. By the way, what does "trying to be white" mean? Trying to be successful? Trying to learn? Trying to be ambitious? He offered a provocative prescription for American healthcare.

Listen to episode 5 with Dr. Ian Morrison , a world-renowned futurist and the final guest of season one, has worked with more than Fortune companies. He specializes in national polling and forecasting healthcare changes. Here are three of his recommendations for fixing American healthcare:.

Tie the rate of healthcare inflation under Medicare Advantage to the annual rise in U. Today, the former greatly outpaces the latter, resulting in dramatically high prices for American healthcare compared to other countries. Based on the superb and innovative ideas presented in season one, two conclusions are evident. First, effective solutions do exist for American healthcare. It will take many people and a combination of breakthrough ideas to radically improve our system of care.

Six of healthcare's most significant voices shared their plans for fixing a broken system. James Surowiecki, in his book The Wisdom of Crowds , demonstrated convincingly that the feedback of many knowledgeable individuals is superior to the judgement of a handful of experts. In addition, please offer your own recommendations on how to fix the current healthcare system on the polling website.

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Could Fixing Americas Problems Be This Simple? Could Fixing Americas Problems Be This Simple?
Could Fixing Americas Problems Be This Simple? Could Fixing Americas Problems Be This Simple?
Could Fixing Americas Problems Be This Simple? Could Fixing Americas Problems Be This Simple?
Could Fixing Americas Problems Be This Simple? Could Fixing Americas Problems Be This Simple?
Could Fixing Americas Problems Be This Simple? Could Fixing Americas Problems Be This Simple?
Could Fixing Americas Problems Be This Simple? Could Fixing Americas Problems Be This Simple?
Could Fixing Americas Problems Be This Simple? Could Fixing Americas Problems Be This Simple?
Could Fixing Americas Problems Be This Simple? Could Fixing Americas Problems Be This Simple?

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