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Topics will include building a Sukkah from reclaimed materials, financial permaculture, and preserving the harvest. Each workshop will be framed by traditional and not so traditional Jewish values and concepts, and then followed with a hands-on experiential component. How do we balance enjoying great food while recognizing that people—even here in our own community—go to bed hungry every night? How do we help our children bring mindfulness and gratitude to every meal? These are just a few of the questions being posed by the Peninsula Jewish Community Center and Kevah.

As part of an innovative new partnership between the PJCC Foster City and the Berkley-based Kevah, family learning groups are being formed to address Jewish approaches to food, hunger, and social justice. In a relaxed, comfortable setting, groups will attend six sessions with other families in their community. No previous background knowledge is necessary and interfaith families are welcome.

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By Nigel Savage on August 28, in Newsletters. Shmita as A Force for Social Change.

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Main Office. Williams This article looks at the issue of tax-funded school voucher programs through the prism of the constitutional question it raises involving the "wall of separation" between church and state. Mulling Over the Millennium. Is the end of the millennium and the 20th century a "defining moment" in history? What can we learn from looking backward and forward in time? The Petition Against the Annexation of Hawaii. The U. Most campaign polling firms are as invisible to the public as the caterer at an election victory party; how not to swallow bad findings is an important skill of citizenship learning.

The Keys to Election The prediction model outlined here is based on thirteen key questions stated as propositions favoring the reelection of the incumbent party. The outcome of the presidential election may hinge on whether there is a serious contest for the Democratic Party nomination. This study of civic education across national boundaries is uncovering many commonalities, including a common core of content, a widely perceived gap between democratic goals and societal realities, and a concern everywhere about diversity and what direction to take in teaching about it.

go site The Turn of the Millennium. As the new millennium dawns, Americans might do well to temper the current spirit of triumphalism with a hard look at our failure to correct serious inequities within or own society or to honestly examine the implications of our actions on the world stage. Looking at the 21 decennial censuses taken from to the upcoming Census can help students understand the fundamental importance of the U.

Census Trends and Issues in Counting the People. The importance of obtaining a complete count of the population—and the barriers to doing so—are emphasized in this article on Census Census and Service Learning. Students can learn much about our democracy and their own communities by volunteering to help with Census The trial jury, a venerable institution of democracy and citizen participation, is nevertheless not without its controversies.

This article looks at problems and progress in the U. Stop Misusing Tests to Evaluate Teachers. The Executive Director of Fairtest points out the difference between holding teachers responsible and scapegoating them for test scores that are beyond their control. As educational reform forces a new look at social studies testing, here are some important guidelines for planning assessments. Imaginative class assignments can make assessment a better experience for both teachers and students. Opening Assessment to our Students.

Evaluating Students in a Course on Social Advocacy.

  • Introduction;
  • Xenophon the Socratic Prince | SpringerLink.
  • Economisti del cinque e seicento (Italian Edition)?
  • Native Intelligence | History | Smithsonian.
  • CM Series re-direct
  • Solar Cells: Materials, Manufacture and Operation.

Observation as an Assessment Tool. Although the risk of subjectivity is inherent in authentic assessment, there are sound ways of reducing it. In a situation where "what gets tested is what gets taught," social studies educators in Michigan faced the challenge of developing high-quality assessments tied to state standards. This major consortium effort involving 23 states seeks to develop assessments that reflect high-level thinking processes. A state website can be an excellent means of disseminating information about tests and honing the assessment skills of teachers.

Authentic Assessment and Instruction. If students develop their own portfolios in teacher education programs, they are more likely to practice portfolio assessment when they become teachers. Here are some answers to questions often asked about the certification of social studies teachers by NBPTS. A Quest for Knowledge. Teachers who participate in the Internet-based Quests of Dan Buettner show how the right assessment practices help convert student enthusiasm into an understanding of other cultures.

Supreme Court Trends. This regular column reviews key decisions of the last Supreme Court term, and previews the next one, with suggestions for stimulating class activities. Stevens and Jared A.

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Fogel The move from family farm to coal camp wrought dramatic—and sometimes disastrous—changes in the lives of people in Appalachia during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Elementary Teaching Ideas "I thought the world was flat, like the map showed it": Building Geographic Understanding with Elementary Students Gwendolyn Thompson Building a model of the globe helps children to better understand many geographic concepts and can provide a reference point for continued learning throughout the year.

Reaching for the Sky: The Growth of Mountain Tourism in Switzerland Jennifer Truran Rothwell Once the bane of travellers, the mountain passes of Switzerland were opened to modern tourism through a series of engineering feats specifically aimed to carry tourists ever higher into the Alps. Special Section Mountains: A Global Resource This special section examines the critical importance of mountains to the people who inhabit them and to the world at large.

The curriculum presented here supports "The Mountain Agenda"—an international initiative designed to raise public awareness about mountain ecosystems—and results from a collaboration between The Mountain Institute and National Council for the Social Studies. Multiculturalism vs.

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Globalism Nelly Ukpokodu Although multiculturalism and globalism share significant purposes in the social studies curriculum, teaching either concept well requires drawing some important distinctions between them. Looking at the Law The Evolution of Human Rights in the Age of Biotechnology John Paul Ryan and Benjamin Hron The era of genetic engineering is upon us and there is no avoiding the legal issues it poses, many of which constitute uncharted ground for ethicists no less than biologists.

This article offers an assessment of the implications of recent scientific advances, as well as related teaching activities Hilary Glazer and Hannah Leiterman , a discussions of bioethics and the law Elizabeth Yang and an expression of concern about some potential pitfalls of biotechnology Ami S. Teaching with Documents The Census of Manufactures Lee Ann Potter and Wynell Schamel The movement of young women from farm life to textile mill workers reflected the changing fortunes of New England farmers and merchants as the Napoleonic Wars pulled the young American nation into their wake.

Women Reformers in the Progressive Era Judith McDonough The liberal spirit of the Progressive Era beckoned women—both college graduates and members of the working class—to carve out their own places in the public world outside the home. Teaching with Documents The Arrest Records of Rosa Parks Stacey Bredhoff, Wynell Schamel, and Lee Ann Potter The day Montgomery bus boycott that followed the arrest of Rosa Parks for refusing to relinquish her seat on a city bus to a white passenger was a crucial event in mobilizing national and worldwide support for the civil rights movement.

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Critical Literature for the Social Studies: Challenges and Opportunities for the Elementary Classroom Neil Houser Getting the "feel" of a situation through reflecting on literature that addresses difficult social and cultural issues can help children to become more critical of self and society and to develop greater empathy for others. Stange and Susan L. Wyant The pioneer experience on the American prairie offers a rich field for integrating the language arts with various disciplines within the social studies.

How Newspapers Framed the U. History Standards Debate Patricia G. Avery and Theresa Johnson The release of the National Standards for United States History sparked a controversy that went far beyond their merit as curriculum guidelines to questions about the nature of the American past; but the voices heard in this debate were limited, and scarcely included classroom teachers and their students.

Woodson Book Awards These annual awards honor books with themes dealing with U. Sansone Developing a political identity is not only an important goal of civics education, but may provide the impetus for students to learn what it really means to be an informed citizen.

Educating Allie (Naive & Naughty Book 7) Educating Allie (Naive & Naughty Book 7)
Educating Allie (Naive & Naughty Book 7) Educating Allie (Naive & Naughty Book 7)
Educating Allie (Naive & Naughty Book 7) Educating Allie (Naive & Naughty Book 7)
Educating Allie (Naive & Naughty Book 7) Educating Allie (Naive & Naughty Book 7)
Educating Allie (Naive & Naughty Book 7) Educating Allie (Naive & Naughty Book 7)
Educating Allie (Naive & Naughty Book 7) Educating Allie (Naive & Naughty Book 7)
Educating Allie (Naive & Naughty Book 7) Educating Allie (Naive & Naughty Book 7)
Educating Allie (Naive & Naughty Book 7) Educating Allie (Naive & Naughty Book 7)

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