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BBC Choral Evensong: RSCM Westminster Abbey 1987 (Martin How)

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Core Values. Read More. Episcopal Explained: Evensong. August 25, Episcopal Explained. Evensong in All Saints Chapel Evensong is a version of Evening Prayer in which most of the service is chanted or sung. Evensong , episcopal explained. The school they went to then was on the grounds of the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, a few blocks south from where we lived, in Morningside Heights. To get to school we cut through the north yard of the cathedral. At that time the back lot was a mess. Weeds grew helter-skelter through the broken asphalt. It was managed by a man called Simon, who wore his hair in gray corkscrew curls.

He was continually covered with marble dust and had a fine face that verged on beauty and looked like an angel who had fallen to earth. Every morning we walked by the stone yard, then cut through the cathedral by the north transept door. Our neighbor also took her child to school. She had a little dog, and the dog crossed the apse with us. Later, that door was locked, and dogs were no longer allowed inside at 8 a. There were peacocks on the grounds and at that hour they were often screaming. That was the first year that the children sang in the cathedral choir.

Three afternoons a week they practiced in a room with casement windows in the south wing of the cathedral, which had once been an orphan asylum. Sometimes they also sang at Evensong. They wore crimson robes and white collars, which were starched. Later, they would hate everything about choir — the long rehearsals, the too-hot robes — and they wrote us long letters arguing their position, which they read aloud to us at the kitchen table.

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But that was later. Then, it was the tail end of summer.

The leaves on the trees were dry, and when even a slight breeze blew they rattled, as if a snake was moving through the branches. The sprinklers were always on in the pocket park across the street from our apartment. Water sizzled when it hit the blacktop. When I took the children to play in the sprinklers, it was too hot to go without shoes.

The ice cream truck jangled on the corner. It was the summer that we discovered that the owner of the truck was selling crack out of the back. As we did every summer, we had spent August in a small town toward the end of Cape Cod. As usual, when we returned to our building, with its cool black-and-white tiled lobby and our apartment with its long hall and its view of the sprinklers and the ice cream truck, it was for the children as if we had been away for only a day. On that Thursday we had been back four days.

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An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church

The telephone rang just as we were walking in the door, and when I picked up the phone I was admonishing the children. I did not want water in the hall. I had left a fan on in the kitchen and the mail had blown down onto the floor, and the children were stepping on it with their feet wet from the sprinklers. The voice on the other end of the telephone was known to me: it was the receptionist at the school, who was already at her desk. She told me about the new family between pauses while I tried to get the children to pick up the mail, and to get the wet jellies off the baby, who was 2.

The idea was that before school opened those children would have met my children, and the mother, who the receptionist said seemed shy and whose husband worked long hours, would have met me. It was Thursday afternoon.

EVENSONG | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

On Friday my mother called and suggested that the older children visit her on Long Island. It was hot, she pointed out, and they could swim in the pool. We drove them out that evening through the weekend traffic and then drove back with the baby strapped into her car seat, and had drinks in the kitchen with a lot of ice. Then we put all the fans in the apartment in one room and the three of us slept fitfully. The next day we decided to go to Sandy Hook, N.

I missed the beach. Whenever we returned I pined for weeks. That Saturday, the drive south into New Jersey took two hours, and the parking lots were almost full.

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The baby ran into the waves and we pulled her back. In the heat, the water was as warm as glass and after a while we piled back into the car and drove back into the city, which by now was so overheated it looked as though it was wreathed in smoke. When we got home we ordered Chinese food and the baby ate fried rice, and in the morning my husband drove out to fetch the children before the traffic got really bad. The children tried on their old uniforms and, of course, they did not fit, but would have to do. Both they and I saw this as further proof, as if any were needed, of my inability to acquit myself as a bona fide mother, a mother who could make timely phone calls, who never broke promises, who would have ordered new uniforms in June.

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