If I Never Went Home

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Even her cousin becomes standoffish. When she reaches her rebellious teens and disrespects her grandmother, the fireworks begins. While the twists and turns of the plots are interesting, the convoluted narrative structure requires readers to make sudden leaps in time and space.

In one section Bea attends her father's funeral and spots Tina as a small child. In the next, Tina is ten years older. To complicate matters further, Bea's story alternates between her life as a psychologist and her stint as a mental patient. But Persaud manages the shifts competently, and a narrative pattern emerges.

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The end provides a strong payoff, one that offers emotional satisfaction without falling into sentimentality. The novel's memorable characters and vivid sense of place make it well worth reading. Reading Progress. Add a reference: Book Author. Search for a book to add a reference. We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards. Only flag comments that clearly need our attention. But this is a strange clause to use a question tag with.

Let us prepare the breakfast , will you? We need a clause with a subject and a verb to add a tag question. But we can use an affirmative tag with an affirmative sentence to express a reaction like surprise or interest:. Hi, please what is correct tag for this sentence: there was a phonecall for me yesterday, ……..?

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Your uncle said that he would do his best to help you, …? Also email me if possible because I rarely use internet. I have been searching for 1. No body takes the reduction of warheads in serious terms add tag question 2. Not enough effort has been made in the last fifty years to foster that memory add tag question plzzz help me to solve this. Nobody takes the reduction of warheads in serious terms, do they? Not enough effort has been made in the last fifty years to foster that memory, has it? How to teach a tag question? Please help me.

And how to give him motivation so that they are not bored in class. Thank you so much. Please have a look at some of the comments in this section — some teachers have added some good teaching ideas for tag questions. But you should be more precise in the course text, in the additional points 1. This is correct:. Thank you. I love you………? I hate you……..? Thanks a million for your useful explanation and effort. I have a question here concerning the following sentences:. I am not very disappointed……..? And I should have been able to do it…..? What is tag question for both?

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Thank you very much for your explanation. Please help me This is Mary, ……? What could be the answer to the following questions: Mina had better stay home, …? Something is burning, …? We have to study English, …? It is a man who pollutes his environment, …? Rahim, as well as his friends, was present, …? Either of the girls is intelligent, …?

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Tania, not her sister, is going to see the film, …? We use question tags at the ends of statements. The expected response would depend on the context, the intonation used, etc. So it is possible to leave out the question tag, but the speaker would need to make it clear from his intonation and from the context that he expected some kind of response. You like playing basketball, and he likes running, …? How to tag this question? Save my name and email address in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Home English grammar Tag questions English grammar — Tag questions. If there is no auxiliary verb in the main sentence, we use do in the tag. If the auxiliary verb in the sentence is affirmative, the tag is negative. If the auxiliary verb in the sentence is negative, the tag is affirmative.

Just did not read it that way. Thanks again for your help!

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Will you please tell me if this is the correct use of the word than. The city became more beautiful than before.

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You must log in to post a comment. Mixed up English The English words than and then look and sound a lot alike, but they are completely different. Than Than is a conjunction used in comparisons: Tom is smarter than Bill. Is she taller than you? Yes, she is taller than I. But comparisons can also be made with time … We need to leave no later than 7 am. This must be finished no later than Wednesday.

If I Never Went Home
If I Never Went Home
If I Never Went Home
If I Never Went Home
If I Never Went Home
If I Never Went Home

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