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Spara i minneslistan. He has such a great talent and I know that he is going to be an important and big part of the literary world.

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I can't stress enough how much you should read this series because it is that good. Fletcher has come a long way from the first book. No longer is he the young, naive boy I'm not trying to imply Fletcher dies or anything by that statement.

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His character development over the course of this series has been magnificent and it's rare to see characterization done this well. Fletcher is so likable, and no matter what he decides, you're on his side. Taran Matharu has written Fletcher so well and has stayed true to Fletcher's morals and values. While Fletcher is different, he's still Fletcher at the end of the day. And that's something that is very important to me as a reader. He shines throughout the story and I honestly couldn't wait to see how his story would end.

The other characters in this book are just as amazing, and I love how important they all are to the finale. I appreciated that these characters weren't just shoved to the side and didn't play any role at all in this book.

"Gleahan" at Northeast Range School — Battlemage Films

Ultimately though, this is Fletcher's story, and I loved the way it played out. One of the biggest things for me in this book and the series in general is that Taran Matharu made me enjoy the political side of this story I usually hate the political side of stories because it oftentimes becomes messy, especially in fantasy stories such as this one. But Taran made me find it fascinating and interesting. It just futher lends to Taran's writing ability that he can write such a well-balanced story that keeps you intrigued until the end.

When I look back, I never expected this series to become such an epic and rich fantasy story. To see how far we've come in this world--from a boy that was special and just wanted to go to school where he belonged, to a fierce warrior who will fight and stand with his people to the very end--is mind-blowing and utterly incredible. Obviously, as this is the conclusion of the story, there is a bit of heartbreak After all, you can't have a war without a few tragedies. I cannot even begin to emphasize enough how much I want you to read this series.

Give this series the spotlight it deserves because it is such an amazing and well-written set of novels.

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  • Taran Matharu has an fantastic imagination that allows him to create unique and fun worlds for all age readers to enjoy. If you are a fantasy novel fan, check this series out. I know for a fact that this series will be a favorite of mine for a long time to come, and I can't wait to do a re-read.

    I would adore more stories in the future about where these characters are I honestly don't want to let go of them yet!! Happy reading :.

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    May 17, - Published on Amazon. Before I became a published author, I had been serializing The Novice online, which helped me land my first book detail. I wanted to thank my online readers for all of their support, and with that in mind, I decided to write a short story for them. I called it Summoner: Origins , telling the origin story of Arcturus, one of the teachers at Vocans Academy, and set it in a time before the events of The Novice.

    This prequel ended up being a short novella, which I gave away for free as eBook online. The fourth book in the series will be released in May How have you changed over your journey as a writer?

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    I like to think my writing has matured since I became published. Writing is now my career as well as my passion, and I am able to put all of my time and energy into honing my craft. I can spend more time plotting the story and shaping my characters, and can now live in the world of Summoner completely, rather than dipping in and out between working hours. The career aspect has also led to me taking my writing more seriously, and ultimately be more introspective and self-critical, which I think has improved both my story-telling and the writing itself.

    I am also able to take a far more structured and nuanced approach to my writing, now that I have deadlines to work towards, with full novels in mind, rather than serialized fiction. For example, The Novice was written in a serialized fashion, with short chapters out of necessity rather than intent. I now have the flexibility to write longer chapters if the scene demands it.

    Writing sequels has also been incredibly liberating for me, as a fantasy author. Speaking of which… I hope you enjoy The Battlemage. The Battlemage by Taran Matharu will be released in the U. Fan of our book coverage? Why not join our Hypable Books Facebook group! We want to hear your thoughts on this topic! Write a comment below or submit an article to Hypable. The Good Place will wrap up its final season with a minute series finale and a post-show special hosted by Seth Meyers.

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    Familial duty and personal passions collide in Across a Broken Shore , a new historical fiction novel by Amy Trueblood. Free for iOS and Android. Home Features Fandoms Reviews Podcasts. Submit an Article. Books Features.

    Journey of a Battlemage Journey of a Battlemage
    Journey of a Battlemage Journey of a Battlemage
    Journey of a Battlemage Journey of a Battlemage
    Journey of a Battlemage Journey of a Battlemage
    Journey of a Battlemage Journey of a Battlemage
    Journey of a Battlemage Journey of a Battlemage

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