Mr Tachibana and Dr Ikeda 20 (Japanese Edition)

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Hamada, Junichi Japanese - M. Kaihotsu, Ichiro Japanese - Ph. Watanabe, Akira Japanese - Ph.


Ikeda, Kazunori Mexican - M. Matsumoto, Jun Japanese - Ph. Furukawa, Kinji Japanese - M. Sugita, Michiaki Japanese - Ph. Jha, Raghanath Nepalese - M.

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Mutsuda, Fumio Japanese - M. Sadayuki, Hironaka Japanese - M. Koike, Masahiro Japanese - B. Kanae, Shinjiro Japanese - M. Nakaegawa, Tosiyuki Japanese - Ph. Harada, Shuhei Japanese - M. Sunada, Kengo Japanese - Ph. Tachibana, Yoshihiro Japanese - Ph. Suzuki, Masakazu Japanese - Ph. Ogiue, Kentaro Japanese - B. Yamanaka, Manabu Japanese - Ph. Chimura, Takahiro Japanese - B.

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  • Momofuku Ando.
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Aoki, Masatoshi Japanese - Ph. Murayama, Gen Japanese - B. Rhodes, Brady P.

Emperor Hirohito

American - Ph. Atmospheric Corrosion Organic Coating. Kirihara, Shigeki Japanese - B. Grooters, Johanna M. Dutch - B. Oortwijn, Rudi Dutch - B. Investigetion of Soil. Mouret, Claude French - Ph. Abdul, Gani Indonesian - B.

Orlando Bloom on Buddhism, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and Daisaku Ikeda.

Boyer — Antoine, Michel J. French - PTF. Bruzec, Yves French - B. Mechanic : Lycee St. Joseph Loient. Cubayanes, Jean Peul French - B. Dupoux, Meurice French - B. Evans, Ian P. British - B. Frederik, Vermeulen C. Dutch - M. Herries, Robert A.


Helder, Ribeiro French - B. Engineer Science and Technology Institute France Hobbs, Philip J. The original chicken flavor is called Chikin Ramen. According to The Financial Times , Ando's invention of Cup Noodles in , at the age of 61, helped spark the popularity of instant noodles overseas. He had observed that Americans ate noodles by breaking the noodles in half, putting them into a cup, and pouring hot water over the noodles.

They also ate them with a fork instead of chopsticks. Ando was inspired, and felt that a Styrofoam cup—with a narrower bottom than the top—would be the ideal vessel for holding noodles and keeping them warm. Eating the noodles would then be as easy as opening the lid, adding hot water and waiting. This simplicity, efficiency and low price of Cup Noodles went on to transform Nissin's fortunes. Worldwide demand reached 98 billion servings in In , seeking a way to promote the instant noodle industry, Ando founded the Instant Food Industry Association, which set guidelines for fair competition and product quality, introducing several industry standards such as the inclusion of production dates on packaging and the "fill to" line.

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He was also the chairman of the International Ramen Manufacturers' Association. In , Ando naturalized through marriage and became a Japanese citizen. Ando died of heart failure on January 5, , at a hospital in Ikeda , Osaka Prefecture , at the age of Ando was survived by his wife Masako, two sons and a daughter.


Ando claimed that the secret of his long life was playing golf and eating Chicken ramen almost every day. He was said to have eaten instant ramen until the day he died. Ando was repeatedly honored with medals by the Japanese government and the emperor—including The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star , Second Class—in , which is the second-most prestigious Japanese decoration for Japanese civilians.

In , Google placed a doodle created by Google artist Sophie Diao on its main web page commemorating his birthday on March 5. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Momofuku Ando. Ikeda , Osaka Prefecture , Japan. See also: Nissin Foods. See also: Chicken Ramen. See also: Cup Noodles. Food portal Biography portal. Liberty Times in Chinese. Archived from the original on Japan Times. RCC Broadcasting. Retrieved Financial Times. BBC News.

February 28, Retrieved January 5, World Instant Noodles Association.

Mr Tachibana and Dr Ikeda 20 (Japanese Edition) Mr Tachibana and Dr Ikeda 20 (Japanese Edition)
Mr Tachibana and Dr Ikeda 20 (Japanese Edition) Mr Tachibana and Dr Ikeda 20 (Japanese Edition)
Mr Tachibana and Dr Ikeda 20 (Japanese Edition) Mr Tachibana and Dr Ikeda 20 (Japanese Edition)
Mr Tachibana and Dr Ikeda 20 (Japanese Edition) Mr Tachibana and Dr Ikeda 20 (Japanese Edition)
Mr Tachibana and Dr Ikeda 20 (Japanese Edition) Mr Tachibana and Dr Ikeda 20 (Japanese Edition)

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