Speaking Their Language

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To master the art of conversation — in-person or online — you must become a better listener. As you research each of the corners online where your target audience is hanging out, record your observations in your notebook or on your spreadsheet. When you have lots of good data to draw from, highlight the patterns you see — the common words, terms, phrases and acronyms that they use.

Speaking Their Language

From the title of the Youtube video or blog post, to the copy on the sales page for your course, using the words, terms, phrases and acronyms that your target audience uses will engage them and draw them in. Creating a connection with another person requires that you speak similar languages.

They feel disconnected.

Think about the last few social media posts that you commented on. It made you feel like joining in the conversation. And that is the art of connecting with your audience by speaking their language.


Listening, in-person, requires the use of your ears. Listening, online, requires the use of your eyes.

Black Man Speaks 20 languages With Random Foreigners In L.A.

What specific words are they using? What specific terms are they using?

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What specific phrases are they using? Which specific acronyms are they using?

Council Post: Keep Your Customers Happy By Speaking Their Language

Communicating in all ways analog and digital. Start with the obvious: Listen.

speak (one's) language

Miscommunications are frustrating, but practice makes perfect. The most obvious impact international teams have on customers can be seen in call centers and customer support. Those are your customers — or they are if you outsource your customer support. When you work with a multinational team, you have time to build understanding, but you often get just one chance to make a customer happy.

Keep Your Customers Happy By Speaking Their Language

Customers are also starting to realize that companies that are outsourcing their customer support to offshore companies have done the math and determined that the savings they see from hiring non-native speakers are worth more than customer satisfaction. Business is changing and building strong customer relationships is paramount.

We pay more for better results, and our low churn rate reflects this decision. If so, you might want to consider changing that.

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We hear from our customers on an almost daily basis that our customer service department, stripped of catchphrase language and focused on the end user, is one of their favorite features. It may not be easy, but training your customer service agents to think like customers, to speak to them in plain, everyday language, and to place themselves in a customer-first state of mind is the best way to build trust.

Speaking Their Language Speaking Their Language
Speaking Their Language Speaking Their Language
Speaking Their Language Speaking Their Language
Speaking Their Language Speaking Their Language
Speaking Their Language Speaking Their Language
Speaking Their Language Speaking Their Language

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