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Comfortable atmosphere. You could tell the pastor really connects with the people in his congregation. All kinds. Older, younger, singles, married people. Whatever you feel comfortable in. While a t-shirt and jeans is typical, some people like to dress it up a bit.

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RSVP Directions. When you do make your way to a Sunday gathering, come say hello. Here's what to expect Music and Prayer Our gatherings are typically around an hour and fifteen minutes. Your family can belong here Kids love Reach! Very nice Sunday carvery with a dessert staff always nice and attentive and the price is great that's six pound ninety five war value. Thank you for the lovely review, hope to see you again soon From Chris and staff.

Lovely meal food excellent and very well presented staff happy and chatty fish very good and batter nice and lightly done good night had by all. Thank you for your review, it is much appreciated, hope to see you again soon Christine and Staff. On Sunday the 1st of July I visited Boston to celebrate the birthday of my elderly grandmother. As the sun was shining we chose to sit in the beer garden at the back of the pub and my grandmother positioned her scooter at the table to share a drink with my father and I.

Unfortunately, a gust of wind picked up the umbrella from the centre of the table and lifted it into the air, smashing my grandmother in the face and causing her glasses to be knocked forcibly onto the floor where they became bent out of shape and significantly scratched. The umbrella itself landed inches from customers cars parked in the pubs car park.

Both staff and customers witnessed this happen, however, only the other customers got to their feet and rushed to assist my grandmother and check on her welfare. Surprised by the disinterest of the staff stood watching, I took it upon myself to follow the staff inside and voice my disappointment. I spoke to a waitress at the bar in an extremely calm and polite manner, simply to say that I felt in a situation such as this, it would have been appreciated if a member of staff could have at least come over to see if my grandmother was alright surely this is the most basic of customer care?

I also explained that I wanted to make sure the staff were aware of what had happened, in the hope that they would fix the umbrella and prevent a reoccurrence in future. I have to commend the waitress I spoke to, she kindly apologised and assured me that they would look into it. What a wonderful young lady, I considered the problem resolved. However, when she went to quickly update her manager I was suddenly face with an aggressive and hostile woman.

She stood in my face and with a raised voice told me that I didn't need to tell her how to set up her umbrellas!

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Clearly this was an act of God! Gesticulating angrily I realised this woman was only going to be defensive and I politely excised myself from the confrontation and sat back down outside to finish my drink.

Chance to see part of St Paul’s Cathedral not usually seen by visitors

My father, who had witnessed this angry and irate managers display left me with my grandmother and went to speak to the manager himself. He expressed his disappointment at the way I had been spoken to and the lack of care for my grandmother. The next thing I knew the manager had marched out to stand over me at the table and shout that my father had been threatening and that she would be phoning to police if we did not leave immediately.

Sensing the escalation in the situation and refusing to allow my grandmother to experience any more stress or upset I made the decision to leave the pub. What a great shame that a situation handled perfectly by a young waitress could snowball due to an arrogant and aggressive manager.

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  • Throughout the event I remained immensely calm and polite, I have worked in 5 star and Michelin star restaurants myself and I understand fully the pressures of the restaurant industry. If this pub was run by the waiting staff I could not imagine a nicer place to sit down for a drink. Until that day, all because of one manager, I will tell anyone thinking of going there to avoid the place whole heartedly. What a great shame to ruin a simple drink with family on a beautiful sunny day. Firstly no member of staff witnessed the umbrella fly in the air, the umbrella was securely fastened through the hole in the bench and in a concrete base.

    We have no idea how it became loose, we can only think someone had tampered with it, as these people were the only ones to have sat on the bench, we wonder if it was them. The first I knew was a customer said the umbrella was in the car park, I went and retrieved it from a customer and put it inside the porch, as doing so a girl came up to me and said what are you going to do about this it hit my grandma. I said it was an act of god, she then proceeded to lecture me on how to put an umbrella up.

    The next thing was a man came upto me and said he did not like the attitude and was going to phone the police witnessed by 1 of my staff I said go ahead he tried to hand his phone to me , I asked him to leave and I walked away. I went into the garden and told the girl and lady I had asked him to leave ask HE threatened to call the police to me. I subject the girl who wrote this has a lot of time on her hands and would be good at writing novels, as she seems to be able to write fiction and not fact.

    I have 2 members of staff and customers that witnessed their behaviour. I am wondering if they maybe are trying to claim on my insurance. I would also like to point out the girl says she is going to tell anyone thinking of coming to the pub to avoid it, she needs to be careful as that is slander.

    The Best Way to Enjoy a Sunday in São Paulo

    He has lived in the US for 16 years, has been deported before, and was handed over to immigration officials after being stopped for a traffic violation, he says. The offerings are basic: Doritos, bottled water, Coke, sandwiches. No matter.

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    It's an important weekly visit. The younger son, German, in seventh grade, carefully laid out the food from the vending machine, setting the table for a Sunday meal of sorts.

    Visiting Mount Sunday (AKA Edoras) in New Zealand

    According to the Migration Policy Institute , about 5. Rather, they discussed football practice and how homework was going. Normal family life. The day ended at 5 p. Next week, they will meet again. As seen from inside a van of visitors looking to meet detainees. Also: Latinos in Arizona are helping make it a swing state — but not just because of Trump.


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    Sunday Visit
    Sunday Visit
    Sunday Visit
    Sunday Visit
    Sunday Visit

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