The Boy In The Vacuum Tube

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The Rectified Leveler front panel features all of the familiar controls of an LA2A, and adds two new and very powerful features. When the Modern setting is selected, the compressor ignores low frequency information when compressing the audio, resulting in a bigger low end and cleaner highs. At the heart of this new compressor is the Kenetek T4B optical cell, which delivers extremely musical compression curves.

Simply said, it offers transparent compression. You can hit the Rectified Leveler with more compression before causing any opto-cell distortion. As with all Lightning Boy gear, paper in oil caps are utilized for their transparent sound and smooth tone. Like all of LBA's other builds, the Rectified Leveler is wired point to point with silver plated Teflon insulated wire. The Rectified Leveler has a release date of April 21st, , and can be pre-ordered at lightningboyaudio. The production builds will use Sowter input and output transformers. Plug-in Developer?

Privacy Statement. Lightning Boy Audio. Read more at www. RCA and 1 ea. RCA, new factory boxed, checked. Octal-based metal tubes, sharp-cutoff Pentode, Class A amplifier, fully tested. Octal-based metal tubes, sharp-cutoff Pentode, Class A amplifier. GE, new factory boxed, checked. Raytheon EYE tube, checked. Octal-based late version, compact glass envelope tube. NEW, factory boxed. Reboxed tubes. Have 2. GE Metal Pentode. New factory boxed tubes, ruggedized base.

Older stock, HP boxed. RCA new factory boxed tubes.

vacuum tube

GE, Sylvania, Motorola, new factory boxed, checked. Also 4 ea. GE and National, audio beam pentode, new factory boxed. Also 3 ea.

RCA and 2 ea. Amperex New factory boxed tubes, made in USA. Octal-based late glass envelope Beam Power tubes. Your choice. Sylvania Triode-Pentode, new factory boxed tubes. Very late production. Mixed manufacturers, factory boxed. Factory boxed with some stoage marks, late production. B version is highest PIV rating, late production.

Electron Tubes & Vacuum Devices

New factory boxed tubes. GE Triple Triode, Compactron, hard to find. National Dual marked, factory boxed tubes. RCA Receiving tube, new factory boxed. RCA, new factory boxed tubes. TEN Popular receiving tube, new factory boxed.

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  • EL34/6CA7FB-GE Tube, Power Amplifier Pentode, 6CA7 / EL34, USA - "Fat Boy" MFR: GE.

Tung-Sol Beam power Pentode with plate cap, V plate voltage, used in many regulated tube voltage power supplies. GA type is reduced glass envelope size, late production.

Sharp cut-off RF Pentode. Twin triode, up to Mhz cascode operation.

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  • NOS Amperex Bugle Boy PCL84 15DQ8 Vacuum Tube Guaranteed.
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RK 6BL6. Beam Tube Pentode. Have a pair of International. All tested.

Vacuum Tube Comparisons

Test excellent, very good quality tubes, bulk new stock. No extra charge for matched pairs. New Reflector factory boxed not shown. Very hard to find European Eye tube shell shaped tuning indicator. Pic is Amperex tube, but it looks identical. Japanese made 9-pin miniature tube, dual marked. Factory boxed, Just arrived! GE Dual marked tubes. See also 6BE3. Sylvania New factory boxed tubes. GE new factory MIL- boxed, ruggedized tube. Popular in many General Radio Megohmeters.

RCA New factory boxed tubes. Amperite factory boxed, 15 second time delay relays, Normally Closed contacts, 15 second delay to open. Just arrived, hard to find!

Amperex Bugle Boy 6ES8 / ECC vacuum tube new old stock | Etsy

Hard to find. Beam Power Tube. Hard to find! New in the box, late production. Tested, excellent.

The Boy in the Vacuum Tube

High-mu Triode, Audio to RF. New factory boxed RCA tubes. Used, but tested, excellent condition, including life test. GE new factory MIL- boxed, hard to find tube.

CGE, new factory boxed, checked. Mazda New factory boxed, European tube, untested. National Gas-filled thyratron, 75V trigger.

The Boy In The Vacuum Tube The Boy In The Vacuum Tube
The Boy In The Vacuum Tube The Boy In The Vacuum Tube
The Boy In The Vacuum Tube The Boy In The Vacuum Tube
The Boy In The Vacuum Tube The Boy In The Vacuum Tube
The Boy In The Vacuum Tube The Boy In The Vacuum Tube
The Boy In The Vacuum Tube The Boy In The Vacuum Tube

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