The Busy Brides Essential Wedding Checklists

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Fill out Notice of Intention to Marry, no more than 6 months before but no less than 1 month and a day. Organise your wedding bands allow the jeweller at least 4 weeks to supply the wedding bands leaving time for resizing if necessary. Look at wedding cakes and order your favourite for the wedding day. Finalise the menu with the wedding venue or wedding caterer, and select the wines and champagnes.

Finalise the floor plan for your wedding reception; where the bridal table is, how the guest tables will be arranged, where the DJ will be, where the band will play, where you will cut the cake, where the dance floor will be, where the MC and speech makers will stand. Start to make a tentative guest seating plan including the organisation of the bridal table and tables for the parents of the bride and groom.

The 11 Things You Must Do the Week Before Your Wedding

Order your bomboniere and other wedding day extras such as confetti, wedding bubbles, rose petals, disposable cameras etc. Start planning your order of service for the wedding ceremony and select or start writing your own hymns, vows and readings. Choose what ceremony music you'd like to have played by the ceremony musicians throughout the wedding ceremony.

Buy your gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, mum and dad too and of course for each other too. Appoint your MC either a reliable friend or a professional. Put together a schedule for the wedding and give the relevant sections to all the people involved. Include maps if necessary. The running sheet. Decide the order of toasts and speeches. Keep your guest list and rsvp's up to date using your i-do guest planner.

Congratulations, you're engaged! Now it's time to...

Make sure your attendants organise your hens or bucks night at least a week before the wedding to avoid any hangovers on the day! Start getting into the wedding celebrations and hold your bridal shower. Have a trial day with your hair and makeup artist to experiment with styles, try and take your head piece with you. Book an appointment at a beauty salon for at least 1 week before the wedding day for any waxing, facials you may need, and organise a manicure and pedicure for a few days before.

Make sure you have a definite collection date for everyones wedding attire and they know about it. Reconfirm everyone Book in the entire bridal party for the wedding ceremony rehearsal usually held in the week leading up to the wedding. Write the place cards or have the written by a calligrapher. Make a master seating plan display so your guests can see where their tables and also give one to the reception venue. Pack your bags ready for your honeymoon.

Print tickets and itinerary for your honeymoon and organise travel insurance, a travel card with a little extra spending money. Lay out your your wedding shoes scuffed so you don't slip , jewellery, tiara, veil ready for the following day and keep you wedding dress in a safe place. Have a healthy breakfast and lunch - we don't need to tell you what happens after a glass or two of bubbly on a stomach full of nothing but nerves - you will be needing all the energy you can get! Refer to your schedules if you need to. Forget about the weather, don't panic about the lippy mark on the veil, go with the flow and have a fantastic and memorable day Whether formal or relaxed, cocktail receptions are the epitome of chic and are a popular pick for brides.

Read More. Ideas on what to say in the wedding speech and handy hints on putting together the perfect parent-of-the-bride-or-groom wedding speech. Million dollar views, boutique accommodation and a team of award winning chefs will make your wedding day at Watsons Bay a luxurious, unforgettable experience. Kick start a routine of healthy habits that will have you glowing from top to toe. Let our wedding team take the stress out of your special day. Everything you need to make your wedding day as memorable as possible is under one roof.

Jan 26, Congratulations, you're engaged! Now it's time to Once the date is set Book and confirm the wedding venue for both your ceremony and reception. First things first - start booking Next in line And then Send out the wedding invitations weeks before. Final bits and pieces Pick up wedding rings and get engraved if necessary.

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Buy your wedding lingerie and spare hosiery for both yourself and the bridesmaids. Provide the wedding venue and caterers with an estimated number of guests. Bringing it all together Have your engagement ring professionally cleaned.

Finalise seating arrangements. Check all wedding speeches are well on their way. If you have time, start writing thank you notes as you receive gifts.

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Wear in your wedding shoes, and scruff the bottom to ensure you don't slip. Start getting plenty of much needed rest! One week before Have your waxing and other beauty treatments at the salon. Reconfirm the bridal suite. Author Sharon Naylor. Summary In addition to her wedding planner, every bride needs this checklist book to keep track of the thousands of details of planning a wedding.

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The Busy Brides Essential Wedding Checklists
The Busy Brides Essential Wedding Checklists
The Busy Brides Essential Wedding Checklists
The Busy Brides Essential Wedding Checklists
The Busy Brides Essential Wedding Checklists

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