The Dark Side of Truth (Book #1)

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And, as horrendous as my dietary recommendations were, my approach to personal training may have been worse. I promised to give my clients speedy fat loss, and instead gave them, well, cardio. Each week, clients were commanded to come in and burn as many as 7, calories on their cardio machine of choice. Not only was all of that cardio brutal and inhumane , it was just plain stupid and a remarkable waste of time. After all the treadmill mileage and prolonged semi starvation, my clients weight seldom budged.

The Dark Side of Shane Dawson

Sometimes their weight even went up. But that was because they put on muscle, right? Like a typical trainer, I got on the defensive. They must have cheated on their diets. Whatever was going on here had nothing to do with my ingenious scientifically proven program. Calories in, calories out.

The Dark Side of Truth (Book #1)

How hard could it be? Instead of questioning it, I would just increase their workout intensity and length. Along with all of that, I had plenty of health issues myself. I was an exhausted, depressed, anxious individual who never left the house. I had digestive issues and my temper was out of control.

I was supposed to be this healthy personal trainer, and yet my mood got so bad that I had to turn to prescription antidepressants. I found zero satisfaction in knowing that I spent tens of thousands of dollars and six years on a university education — studying health so I could be sick and get paid to make people fatter.

And even more importantly, what was I doing wrong to my clients? So I hit the books. The real issue behind it all….

The Dark Side of Truth (Book #1) : Gary a Caruso :

It simply does not work. Basically, Calories in, Calories Out is the claim that if you simply take in less calories than you expend for energy, you will lose weight over time. How many people do you know that have cut their calories while exercising more and been able to lose fat long term? I mean after 6 months, were they able to keep the weight off?

Clients would start with me, ready to take their fat loss to the next level — and things would go well for about a week or two. Then they would hit a wall. I would try to help them push through that wall by having them do unending cardio sessions and eating less calories — but inevitably, they would burn themselves out. I mean, imagine how you would feel eating only 1, calories and doing 2 hours of cardio every day!

Eventually, my clients would end up right back where they started, or even worse, put on a few pounds. You see, this calories in, calories out concept tries to simplify fat loss into a math problem. Now, I make my living simplifying complex health topics for my audience. According to the calories in, calories out proponents, in order to keep my weight the same over the last 10 years, I would have had to eat EXACTLY the same amount of calories as I was expending for energy.

For 10 years. And my credibility would be shattered. The fact is, when you restrict your calories to try to balance the calories in, calories out equation, all you get is ravenous hunger and a slower metabolism. Let me give you a real life example. When your vehicle is running low on fuel, you act accordingly. You might take it easier on the gas pedal, you coast down hills, and you keep your eyes peeled for the nearest gas station.

When your body is low in fuel, it does the same thing that you do to your car.

Wizard's First Rule

Her metabolism has made the proper survival driven adjustments, slowing so considerably from such prolonged energy deprivation, that anything beyond her rice cakes and hour long cardio sessions will make her weight balloon right back up. If you start to eat half as much food, you get half as much nutrients. When you get half as much nutrients, your body goes haywire. So, how do we quit this insanity and get real results? The answer is actually quite simple…. When I was distraught with my failures as a personal trainer to help my clients and myself, I turned to books, interviewing experts and doctors, and getting heavily into health research.

During this time, I developed a powerful mindset. They want you to live in ignorance and eat the same crap, buy the same gizmos, gimmicks, and drugs to mask your unhealthy symptoms — never addressing the real problems. The Dark Side provides for you a complete code of conduct for health living and nutrition so that you can be the healthiest, fittest version of yourself; free of excess fat, depression, anxiety, sweet cravings, sleep issues, low libido, and the signs and symptoms of common degenerative diseases.

The Dark Side is the place where health renegades from all parts of the world come to convene. It is where scientists, researchers, authors, and health enthusiasts gather beyond the purview of the all seeing corporate eye. The Dark Side keeps it real. At first glance, its code is simple yet daunting, logical yet underground.

Following the code is what gave me and countless others their health back. These very same truths have also helped thousands of my clients and viewers as well — as you can see below.

During this time, I was in a phase of my life where I felt stuck. I felt that I had lost control of my life and let myself go. I informed him of my problems with weight gain, constipation, falling hair, cold hands and feet and etc. Sean got me started on an educational program geared towards improvement on my overall well-being. He gave me an education that no medical professionals ever talk about. He schooled me up on metabolic typing, grass-fed meats, organic produce, reducing and managing stress levels, improving digestive health, and best of all, learning to listen to what my body is telling me.

I have never met anyone in his field that spent this much time as Sean did with me. Sean gave me the tools in taking better care of myself and my family and inspiring others to do the same. For this, I am forever grateful…thank you so much, Sean. I hope one day I get to say this to you, personally. In all that time not a single one of these doctors or health experts was able to identify why I got these stomach problems, or why I seemed to be incapable of losing weight.

Maybe a few pounds, but it would go straight back on again, plus a bit more! My health has deteriorated over this time, with doctors telling me I need to be on Metformin for the rest of my life to control blood sugar, and beta blockers to control atrial fibrillation.

I was feeling worse and worse, unable to stay awake during the day, unable to concentrate on things, and feeling worse by the week. After taking all my problems into account Sean was confident that he knew what the problem was, and sure enough, the tests proved he was right! It was like they had tunnel vision. For the first time in 25 years somebody was looking at the big picture and taking ALL my problems into account. Sean was able to find the root cause of my problems where everyone else had failed, and now my stomach feels great!

The transformation is amazing. In the few weeks that Sean has been helping me I have lost 23lb, and that is without going to the gym, without counting calories, or measuring portion sizes!

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I am a 43 year-old male and I have been training with a personal trainer and nutritionist for the past 3 years. I also had a difficult time keeping the weight off. My workouts were long, exhausting and I was at the point of doing more harm than good. I was living off the premise, less food; more exercise was the right thing to do.

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Boy, was I wrong. I was determined to understand the real reason of what was going on. I spent the day researching Underground Wellness and Sean to learn more. I started with Sean the next day. I have been working with Sean at Underground Wellness for the past 6 months and I have taken all the recommended tests.

“Girl, Wash Your Face” Is A Massive Best-Seller With A Dark Message

Since I live in New Jersey and Underground Wellness is in California, I thought that it would be difficult to manage my health cross country. Through telephone consultations and email, Sean has made the program easy to manage the logistics, and has been there when I needed. Currently, Sean has me on a program to heal and repair these issues along with a custom diet which is made for my metabolic type.

I am feeling much better, my weight is in control and more recently I have started to see a positive change in my appearance. I finally feel I am on the right path to improving my health and reaching my personal goals. UW is the most thorough health and nutrition program I have ever experienced. Sean is the real expert in this area.

Thanks Sean! Sean offers that view in to your health. Steve D- NJ. As a former restrictive eater, I really appreciate what Sean has done for me with metabolic typing and advising me on changing my habits, especially the habit of not eating enough. I had spent five years eating between and calories a day and working out days a week with suboptimal results. I was quite skeptical at first about the idea of eating more — I was sure I would gain weight. But, in truth, the opposite has happened!

The Dark Side of Truth (Book #1) The Dark Side of Truth (Book #1)
The Dark Side of Truth (Book #1) The Dark Side of Truth (Book #1)
The Dark Side of Truth (Book #1) The Dark Side of Truth (Book #1)
The Dark Side of Truth (Book #1) The Dark Side of Truth (Book #1)
The Dark Side of Truth (Book #1) The Dark Side of Truth (Book #1)
The Dark Side of Truth (Book #1) The Dark Side of Truth (Book #1)

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