The Witch Hunters: Escape from Blue Ridge Mountain

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Solution Go through the door.

Reading is ALWAYS "better than."

Back out. Go through the door; go right. Back out twice. Go right, then left. Go right twice. Go forward. Play the tic-tac-toe N. Go forward; go left Q. Complete the image V. Duplicate the blinking eyes. Solution is random C. Go left. Trace the pattern. Solution F. Back out; go forward. Open the door P ; go through. Open the door; enter Q. Complete the images. Go up Q. Restore the moon. Solution X. Anyone trying to mesmerise or entrance Agnes will find the Perdita personality surfacing as Agnes begins to lose control, and vice versa.

In Maskerade Agnes becomes a major character for the first time. Agnes possesses an amazing talent for singing. She has a vocal range that extends from a deep bass rumble to a glass-shattering soprano, can sing in harmony with herself a normally impossible ability , project her voice around a room and the page , and mimic the voices of others. These remarkable gifts are due to her suppressed magical ability, which Agnes unconsciously used to enhance her innate musical talent. Although Agnes is by far the more talented of the two, she finds herself relegated to the chorus while Christine's career benefits from the attention of the mysterious " Opera Ghost ".

Agnes is also alienated from the rest of the chorus, due to her weight and practical nature.

e-book The Witch Hunters: Escape from Blue Ridge Mountain

Granny and Nanny, having identified Agnes as the best candidate for the third member of the Lancre coven, soon arrive and complicate things further. In the end, Agnes realizes that her practical nature is unsuited the world of opera. She returns to Lancre and becomes the new Third Witch. In Carpe Jugulum , the arrangement of the coven had been upset by Granny Weatherwax 's sudden departure, although Agnes retained her role of Maiden.

She, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick fended off the clan of vampires, the de Magpyr, who threatened to take over Lancre, whilst at the same time fending off the rather forward romantic advances of the vampire clan's son, Vlad de Magpyr, who is fascinated with Agnes' dual mind, as it makes mind control over her difficult to impossible.

You know you've been cursed with a voice like that. This leads to some speculation as to what had become of the coven. Her role in Wintersmith seems to have been filled in by Miss Tick , as more than three Witches together at one time becomes an "argument". She does, however, appear in The Shepherd's Crown , where she along with Perdita is one of the people across the Disc who feels Granny Weatherwax's death when she dies of old age; and then later attends Granny Weatherwax's Wake. It's revealed that Agnes has been going on singing tours , and had been in Quirm at the time of Granny's death.

Witch stationed in Sidling Without and who is good with pigs, as acknowledged by Esme Weatherwax.

She is mentor to Petulia Gristle , good with animals, and is apparently a pig-borer, cow-shouter and all-round veterinary witch. The terms "pig-borer" and "cow-shouter" are plays on horse whisperer. According to The Discworld Almanak , pig-boring is a humane form of slaughter in which the animal is talked to death. A witch who teaches school over the mountain from Lancre. She takes snuff and does her own shoe repairs, which makes her "All Right" in Nanny Ogg's book, but has a nasty habit of being reasonable when provoked.

A very old witch who has been fortune telling for so long that she is no longer able to keep her mind in the present as Granny Weatherwax puts it, she has a " detached retina in her second sight ".

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Her mouth frequently appears out of sync with her words, and her footsteps often sound ten minutes before she actually makes them. The wife of a retired wizard and a natural organiser, especially of things that don't really need organising. She wears a great deal of "occult" jewellery that doesn't actually do anything. Granny Weatherwax dislikes Mrs. Earwig, claiming that she reduces witchcraft to "shoppin'".

Mrs Earwig isn't actually bad, but is extremely snobbish and self-absorbed which is later revealed to make her immune to an Elf's power of glamour , has very poor people skills, and tends to assume everyone would really agree with her if they weren't so stupid so does Granny Weatherwax, of course, but at least she doesn't blame them for being stupid.

Her approach to teaching appears to be to 'trust in the folk wisdom' of the locals when it comes to practical things like birthing and medicine, and focus on such things as crystals, magic circles and soothing chants to help matters along. Annagramma Hawkin is her star and in fact only pupil. She is also the self-appointed chairwoman of the Witch Trials committee and has written a book about "Magick"; the "k" is to distinguish what she considers the True Craft from the everyday stuff Granny Weatherwax and other witches do—this in turn is a comedic reference on Pratchett's part to the use of ostentatious variant spellings of the word "magic" ranging from Aleister Crowley 's to some Wiccans '.

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According to The Shepherd's Crown , she has since taken on a new pupil after Annagramma, continuing-on her flawed approach to witchcraft. When she learns of Granny Weatherwax's passing, rather than feeling any grief, her first thoughts are to attaining Granny's ' first among equals ' status not yet knowing that Granny had already named Tiffany Aching as her successor , and about what she could now do with Granny's cottage to make it over anew. After having been thwarted during Granny's wake, she next attempts to 'convince' Tiffany that Tiffany needs her as an 'advisor' viewing Nanny Ogg as unqualified , and is furious when Tiffany turns her away, and over the following weeks and months she fans rumours that Tiffany isn't up to the job as Tiffany is stretched thin trying to witch two steadings.

However, when the threat of the elves rises, she is amongst those called upon to fight them off during which her ' immunity ' to the elves glamour comes to light , and is amongst the force to drive the Elf Lords' Lankin's and Peaseblossom's forces away from Lancre. She appeared only in Mort , and was Mort 's first "collection" as Death 's apprentice.

She had a grey cat. As with all Discworld magical practitioners, she knew in advance when her death would be and again would be personally visited by Death or had a right to be anyway so she had time to prepare. When Mort arrived she was an elderly lady with a hooked nose wearing a grey woollen dress. After Mort cut the line connecting her soul to her body, she realised it was no longer bound by the body's morphic field, and with much more control than most people her soul's form settled into the shape of her "inner self".

Her hair unwound itself from its tight bun, changing colour and lengthening, her body straightened up.

Scarlet Fever: A Novel (“Sister” Jane) by Rita Mae Brown

Wrinkles dwindled and vanished, and her dress turned into something green and clingy. Rather than go on to an afterlife, she remained at her home, intending her spirit to get thinner and spread through the forest. A witch for whom the phrase "I've only got one pair of hands" was highly inappropriate, for she had one mind and two bodies. She formerly worked in a circus reading her own mind. The phrase is now only technically accurate, following the death of one body, although she can still use the other as a "phantom limb" of sorts. This has resulted in her gaining a huge amount of respect among the local population, who had previously always suspected she was two people.

An intelligent and well-meaning person, she spends much of her time explaining concepts such as bacteria to people who aren't going to believe her. Granny Weatherwax arranges for her to be Tiffany's first teacher because as Granny Weatherwax will only admit under duress , Miss Level is the best of Ramtops witches when it comes to tending to the sick and elderly, and waiting upon the ungrateful, which Granny considers the soul and center of witchcraft. Perspicacia Tick is a " Witch Finder ", a travelling witch with the responsibility of finding young girls who have the potential to be witches.

She makes a living as a teacher, a role which has given her a habit of correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation. Thanks to her time as a student at the Quirm College for Young Ladies , which views time in cold water as character-building, she has also mastered the ability to stay underwater for prolonged periods, allowing her to escape punishment from superstitious witch-hunters. To aid her in this endeavor, she is the anonymous author of Magavenatio Obtusis Witch-hunting for Dumb People , which she generously places in the libraries of various witch-hating villages.

It includes such vital information as drowning rather than burning a witch, ensuring that the witch has silver coins in her boots, and is given a nice meal of hot soup and tea before her ducking. In The Shepherd's Crown , she is asked by Tiffany to help find her a couple of potential young witches looking to learn the craft to help her caretake for two steadings, after which time, Tiffany is also approached by Geoffrey Swivel.

Her real name is Lucy Tockley , but she thought Diamanda was more witchy. She was born in Lancre, but went away to school, and returned while the Coven were touring the Disc in Witches Abroad. She set up her own coven, insisting that the Wisdom of the Ancients was more significant than anything a lot of old people knew.

At the end of Lords and Ladies , Granny speculated she might have a relationship with the young wizard Ponder Stibbons , but he returned to Unseen University.

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Still to be decided is how much of a witch she naturally was versus how much magic was given to her by the elf queen. Diamanda duelled Granny Weatherwax in Lords and Ladies.

Witch Hunters Survival Guide - Day 1

The challenge was to look directly at the sun for as long as they could stand. Nanny Ogg realized that Granny would lose the duel, so she enticed her grandson, Pewsey Ogg, to run across the magic circle in which the duel was taking place.

Crossing the circle caused Pewsey to cry out. Granny looked away from the sun, got up and returned Pewsey to his grandmother. While Diamanda was the technical winner of the duel, the crowd considered Granny the best witch, because witches are supposed to help young boys who cry instead of being selfish. It is as yet unknown what happened to her following the events of Lords and Ladies. An " old bat " who takes on Tiffany Aching as apprentice three months prior to the events of Wintersmith.

Many have come to the position before Tiffany, and she is the only one to not run away.

The Witch Hunters: Escape from Blue Ridge Mountain The Witch Hunters: Escape from Blue Ridge Mountain
The Witch Hunters: Escape from Blue Ridge Mountain The Witch Hunters: Escape from Blue Ridge Mountain
The Witch Hunters: Escape from Blue Ridge Mountain The Witch Hunters: Escape from Blue Ridge Mountain
The Witch Hunters: Escape from Blue Ridge Mountain The Witch Hunters: Escape from Blue Ridge Mountain
The Witch Hunters: Escape from Blue Ridge Mountain The Witch Hunters: Escape from Blue Ridge Mountain
The Witch Hunters: Escape from Blue Ridge Mountain The Witch Hunters: Escape from Blue Ridge Mountain
The Witch Hunters: Escape from Blue Ridge Mountain The Witch Hunters: Escape from Blue Ridge Mountain
The Witch Hunters: Escape from Blue Ridge Mountain The Witch Hunters: Escape from Blue Ridge Mountain

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